50 Years: The Rolling Stones - Views from the inside, views from the outside - Part 1


This is the largest eBook ever published on The Rolling Stones running over 2.000 pages. It contains without exception high quality press content - with original articles and interviews from back in the '60s, some of them digitalized for the first time. The eBook is enriched with more than 130 carefully selected images. Best-selling author and journalist Hanspeter Künzler wrote fascinating and funny to read introductions for each of the 50 chapters. Obviously this eBook is more than just a band biography. It's a compendium about The Rolling Stones, western history, music history and press history of the last 50 years. And this way a must-have for fans and for every interested and open-minded reader. Part one, including the first 25 years from 1962 to 1986, is available from July on. You can purchase and download the following formats: .mobi, .epub and .pdf. So it is available for your eReader (ipad, kindle,...) as well as your PC or notebook. 


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