The Nirvana Electric Omnibus


How it really was: the greatest rock band of the '90s as witnessed by those who were there.

Rock was never more corporate than in the 1980s. One band was to change all that: Nirvana. Out of the musical backwater of Seattle, they swept the world with their keening, gut-wrenching rock'n'roll, unfaked personality and no-frills punk charisma. Twenty years after the release of their breakthrough album Nevermind, Rock's Backpages Anthologies retrieve from the vaults the key interviews, eyewitness accounts and contemporary insights which tell the story from the back of the van to worldwide fame, from the tragedy of Kurt Cobain to the band's enduring legacy. Collecting the best of such fabled writers on Nirvana as Michael Azerrad, Everett True, Jon Savage, Simon Reynolds, Keith Cameron, Ben Thompson, Phil Sutcliffe, David Stubbs, Edwin Pouncey, Charles Shaar Murray, John Robb and Push, The Nirvana Electric Omnibus is an essential addition to the Nirvana library.